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Solar Post Cap Lights is a kind of green energy lamp with the characteristics of safety, energy-saving, environmental protection and easy installation.

LED Outdoor Post Cap Lights are mainly composed of the light source, solar cap controller, battery, solar cell components and lamp body. In the presence of light, the solar cell stores electric energy in the battery, and in the absence of light, the battery energy is sent to the load LED through the controller.

Post Cap Lights are suitable for green grass beautification lighting in residential communities and park lawn beautification.

Who is Loyal

Ningbo Loyal Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is one of the professional China Post Cap Light products manufacturers and suppliers, such as solar garden light, solar street light, solar power system and so on. It is located in Ningbo with convenient transportation and dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service. Our experienced staff members are always concerned to customers’ requirements and responsible to present the satisfied products.

Ningbo Loyal is also investing heavily in Research and Development to achieve sustainable growth through innovative technology. We own more than 50 patents and every month make about 10-15 proposal items. We offer OEM and ODM Post Cap Light at wholesale prices. Our Post Cap Light products are exported to North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.


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Post Cap Light Industry Knowledge Extension

Applicable occasions of post cap light
Post cap light is an outdoor lighting fixture with a strong ornamental appearance. Its appearance is square, round, cylindrical, etc., with unique shapes and various styles. It can not only provide basic lighting functions but also decorate the environment and render the atmosphere.
1. Column cap lights are suitable for villas, home gardens, courtyards, balconies, terraces, residential roadsides, lawns, parks, corridors, and even background walls, playing a finishing touch.

2. Its advantages are sturdy and durable, economical use, high-tech environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, and stylish appearance. Generally, energy-saving lamps and LED light sources are selected as the light source of post cap lamps, but LED post cap lamps and solar post cap lamps are widely used, both of which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and have a long service life.

Instructions for using post cap light
1. The solar pole cap light is powered by solar energy, so the installation location needs to ensure a certain degree of illumination. A first choice is a place with sufficient sunlight, long lighting time, and no trees or tall shelters, usually on the gate wall, the top of the wall decorative column, As well as balconies and fences, etc.
2. Fully consider the use in rainy weather conditions. On rainy days, the redundant backup power in the battery can be used as lighting energy, but it is still necessary to choose the backup days' capacity according to the different installation places, usually 3-5 backup days for rainy days That's it.
3. The lighting time of the post cap lamp in the middle of the night is usually set to 6 hours, but if it is used in a densely populated place, the lighting time can be designed to be longer. On the market, there are many solar post cap lights that are usually environmentally friendly and energy-saving, without wiring, and easy to install.

Material characteristics of post cap light
Solar pole cap lights are made of aluminum or iron pole cap lights, die-cast aluminum pole cap lights, stainless steel pole cap lights and resin pole cap lights, etc. Different materials have different characteristics. For example, aluminum or iron pillar cap lamps are mainly square and cylindrical; die-cast aluminum pillar cap lamps are exquisite in shape, generally small and medium-sized, and most of them are European-style and antique styles; stainless steel pillar cap lamps are rare and expensive. Light and thin, the shape is between ordinary and exquisite; the resin column cap lamp has different shapes, has a light transmission effect, and has different colors. The material of the column cap lamp is made of a wrought iron lamp pole and PC lampshade.