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How To Use Landscape Light

Update:24 Oct

Landscape Light uses thermal conductive materials in the heat dissipation mode, generally thermal conductive silicone grease. The cost of thermal conductive silicone grease is more economical and applicable, but it needs to be applied on the heat dissipation surface, and the application area is large. The main problem is that the thickness of the application is different. , The contact between the heat-dissipating copper plate and the heat sink or metal bracket lamp and metal shell, many LED lamp manufacturers now use soft silicone heat-conducting sheet, which can pad a large area and is easy to operate. It can effectively transfer heat to the heat sink. . In addition, the use of a thermally conductive silicone sheet is also a good choice.

Thermally conductive silica gel has the technical characteristics of good thermal conductivity, softness, high compression ratio, a self-adhesive surface to make installation easier, and superior weather resistance and high-pressure resistance. After use, the heat conduction effect is obviously improved, the internal temperature of the device during long-term operation is reduced, the service life of the LED lamp can be greatly improved, and the light decay can be reduced. Because the width of the road affects the width between the landscape light and the landscape light, there are certain requirements for the height of the light pole and the brightness of the landscape light source to be illuminated. And it is necessary to regularly maintain the required solar lighting system to keep the panels clean, especially in dusty climates, which is beneficial to improve the life of landscape lights.

Firmness: Aluminum has a low boiling point, and strong flexibility, and is easily deformed when exposed to high temperatures. Compared with steel, the firmness is slightly worse. Generally not recommended for use in windy areas. The wall thickness of the steel material can be increased, the stability is high, the support force is strong, the wind resistance is as high as 36km/s, and the earthquake resistance is above 8.8. Landscape light is a kind of outdoor lighting fixture. It is often used in narrow lanes, urban slow lanes, residential quarters, parks, squares, and other public places. While extending people's outdoor sports, it will also have the function of decorating the environment and beautifying the scenery.