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How To Choose The Right Solar Post Cap Lights?

Update:21 Oct

Selection requirements for Solar Post Cap Lights :

1. Ambient lighting: We must first consider whether the sunlight in the yard is sufficient, and we must ensure that the sufficient sunlight is sufficient to ensure the normal lighting level of the solar column headlight;

2. Yard style: We need to choose the corresponding solar column headlight style according to the style of the yard. For example, if the house is a modern European style, we should choose a modern European style column headlight;

3. Pillar size: The pillar size is also a factor we have to consider, which determines the specification of the selected solar column headlights;

4. Yard area: If the area of the yard is relatively large, a larger-power solar column headlight is required, and a larger-area solar panel is also required;

5. Economic ability: choose different materials according to their own economic ability, different materials will affect the service life of the product, whether it can be used, etc.;